KTC Campus Ambassador Application
The Campus Ambassador is a current college student who will be responsible for leading the effort to create a strong KIPP alumni cohort on campus focused on college persistence, which includes connecting students to social, academic, financial and career supports. The role requires a minimum of 3-4 hours a week and works directly with their campus specific alumni advisor. For more information on role specifics, please contact your alumni advisor. Compensation will be a book stipend for the following semester.

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SECTION 3: Skills
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Essay Question #1 – Discuss an academic success OR challenge. For a success, why were you successful and how has that contributed to persisting in college? For a challenge, explain how you were able to overcome the challenge. *
Essay Question #2 – Please describe your experience as a leader on campus. What leadership skills would you bring to the Campus Ambassador program that would allow you to effectively build and support a cohort of KIPP alumni on your campus? *
Essay Question #3 – From your perspective, why do you think the Campus Ambassador program would be beneficial to you and your fellow KIPPsters on campus? What would you do if a student was not receptive to this idea or did not want to come to KIPP programming? *
Essay Question #4 –Please describe how you currently balance school work and other responsibilities and how you will adapt your schedule to accommodate the responsibility of being a Campus Ambassador. *
Resume Submission
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