Registration for Lindy hop workshop - David & Cátia (PT)
A weekend workshop with the Portuguese couple David & Cátia from Lisbon
Price: 1200 Kč first 10 registrations / 1400 Kč the following registrations

Level A - beginner-intermediate & intermediate
You have been taking lindy hop classes for around a year or more. You know the basics of Charleston, Lindy 6-count, Lindy 8-count, Swing out and its basic variations, can lead/ follow it at parties.

Level B - intermediate-advanced & advanced
You are rocking the Lindy hop parties in Prague on regular basis, you take classes but also participate in workshop. More difficult Lindy hop variations are a piece of cake for you, you can lead/follow them fluently. You can dance to slow and fast tempo. You've been doing this whole fun for some time already. (About 2-4 years.)

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