Are you an introvert or extrovert in the classroom?
Decide whether the following scenarios sound like you, and we'll tell you your student personality type! Most people have a mix of qualities, but knowing more about yourself will help you optimize your personal habits. In the end, both introverts and extroverts bring unique strengths to learning environments.
I raise my hand in class whenever an idea or question pops into my mind. *
I easily volunteer to read aloud and present to the class when possible. *
Group discussions always bring out my lively side to debate with my peers. *
My extracurriculars consist of activities like theater, speech and debate, chorus, and similarly interactive settings. *
My extracurriculars consist of independent research, reading, writing, and similarly isolated settings. *
I feel relieved when the teacher assigns partners instead of letting us choose. *
When given the choice, I regularly opt for individual projects rather than group projects. *
If I don't understand a concept, I feel more comfortable talking to the teacher one-on-one than in front of others. *
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