AE Fashion Show: Volunteer Application
CASTING DATE: February 16th, 6:00- 8:00PM
REHEARSAL DATE: March 2nd, 6:00-10:00PM
SHOW DATE: March 7th, 3PM- 12AM

Active Entertainment is accepting applications for Volunteers interested in participating in an underwater themed lingerie show. We are reviewing Event Staff for Marketing, Promotions, Production, Sales and Technical Support. Event Staff will operate as independent contractors for the duration of their Agreement as detailed in the "General Terms of Agreement" in Section 2.

- No experience required for Volunteers. (Feel free to ask about internship programs.)
- Must be 21 or older for Day of Event roles.
- Must be proficient with email communications. (Expected response time of 48 hours max per email.)
- Must have submitted an Agreement to the Active Entertainment Code of Conduct:

MEETING REQUIREMENTS: (For management-level staff only.)
- 2 Meetings / Month for Marketing Staff
- 2 Meetings / Month for Production Staff
- 1 Meeting / Month for Operations Staff

Meeting dates are to be determined and usually occur in the downtown Seattle area between 6 and 9 PM week nights and in the afternoon on weekends. Digital attendance will be available on a case-by-case basis. Management-level staff are expected to be capable of maintaining frequent and ongoing online communications throughout the duration of their involvement with the event.

Active Entertainment (AE) is accepting applications from enthusiastic self-starters with a strong sense of personal initiative and commitment to their role as an Event Staff. Candidates should have a genuine and objective passion for Fashion & Entertainment with an underlying focus on community development. Our resident Staff Team is happy to train new Volunteers with a 3-event verification period to become compensated staff to support long-term development of best practices. If accepted, Volunteers & Staff will be expected to maintain ongoing and frequent communications with the Staff Team, attend meetings and execute Action Items on a weekly timeline. Candidates should be action-oriented, attentive to detail, thrive in fast-paced environments, and be proficient with trouble-shooting. For more involved roles, Candidates will need to have a comprehensive understanding of Policies & Procedures (P&P) and a devoted attention to ensuring overlapping P&P's maintain continuity.

Step 1) Submit Volunteer Application Form & General Terms of Agreement
Step 2) Work with an AE Staff Person to confirm your Roles and Responsibilities
Step 3) Sign a completed Independent Contractors Agreement
Step 4) Begin Onboarding with the AE Staff Team
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