Jidnyasa 2018
Adarsh Institute of Technology and Research Centre, Vita
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What Is Full Form of CAD
Concrete is a Mixture of
Water will be acidic when the pH value is
Superstructure is a part of building which is
Using output devices one can ____
The two types of output devices are____
Geology is the Study of
The most widely used input device is the ____
The wheel located between the two standard buttons on a mouse is used to ____
Battery gives …
The newton Second law of motion is given by…………
The noble gases are the members of ………
The ideal gas equation is given by ………
Following Material is required in Electronics
Capital letters on a keyboard are referred to as _____
In which Consumer application, Processor is used
The equation of straight line is ……….
Following is Studied in Electronics
The Rectifier is used to convert ……
Which refrigerant is used in vapour compression cycle?
You see diesel engine in internal combustion engine lab, how many cylinders it has?
A ………. matrix has the number of columns equal to the number of rows.
In which section of lathe machine job is fixed?
What is the function of governor in Automobile
If petrol is used in diesel engine what happen?
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