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Anthropocene Alliance (Aa) combats climate change and environmental abuse by building grassroots coalitions in the communities most badly affected. We provide support and training to community leaders, and connect them to the government agencies, nonprofit programs and pro bono professionals that can help them. We help them rally, protest and organize to stop flooding, mitigate global warming and end environmental injustice.

Our core initiative, Higher Ground, is the largest flood survivor network in the country.


Our chapters and members are united by 8 demands:

- Stop paving wetlands and building in flood-prone areas

- Prevent excessive runoff into rivers, creeks, streams and bayous

- Secure federal funds to elevate or buy out vulnerable homes

- Install rain gardens and bioswales to locally manage stormwater

- Protect and expand natural buffers against floods: wetlands, forests and barrier islands

- Ensure that the National Flood Insurance Program puts communities & science first

- Use climate predictions in every local government zoning, building regulation and finance decision

- Reduce global warming by using only clean, renewable energy sources

We work with our members to fight development in flood prone areas, protect wetlands and forests, support property buyouts and managed retreat, influence the reform of the National Flood Insurance Program, and demand action on the climate crisis.


If you run a group concerned about flooding in your neighborhood, you can become a member of Higher Ground. Membership and access to our services is free. We offer people affected by flooding:

- Free technical assistance to you and your neighbors to help you better understand the nature of your community's flood risks and potential solutions.

- Introductions to major agencies and nonprofits who can help your community respond to flooding events.

- Regular webinars, training, and online guidance on ways to reduce your flood risks.

- A monthly forum, via video conferencing, to share experiences with flood survivors from across the U.S. and get support and advice.

- An active Facebook group, and the nation's largest video library of flooding footage.

- Briefings on legislation and policies to help your community address flooding and climate resilience.

- Mini-grants - when available - to help defray the costs of food, room hire, local travel, printed T-shirts, FOIA requests, website hosting, planning appeal fees, water quality tests, and volunteer stipends.

- Listing your groups as a member/chapter on our website, and profiling of your challenges and successes.

Membership is open to individuals as well, however the services listed above are restricted to groups.


- That you reference Higher Ground to the residents that form your group, including on your Facebook page.
- That you reference Higher Ground when speaking to the media.
- That you offer support and encouragement to other members of the network
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