About Washington, D.C. CTI:
Date: Monday, June 12 – Tuesday, June 13
Topic: Revamping your Development Plan

Opportunity. Efficiency. Growth.

At the USHCC Foundation Chamber Training Institute (CTI), you’ll focus on all three. During our 2 days of accelerated, thorough training, you will explore a range of topics and build leadership skills with faculty from the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business. The CTI program gives chamber and non-profit business association leaders the opportunity to learn from experts, and provides them with the necessary tools to work more effectively to strengthen local business communities.

For our Washington, D.C. CTI you can expect to hear from Mark Germano who is a seasoned nonprofit executive with more than 30 years of experience, both in working for nonprofit organizations as well as consulting in the industry. He will help chamber leaders understand how to move their transactional membership sponsors to transformational partners. At the end of the training, chamber leaders will be able to understand the current trends are in corporate sponsorship and what the future may hold for all of us.

With CTI you will find opportunity, gain efficiency, and see yourself and your chamber grow!

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