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As a licensed financial advisor from Sun Life Financial of the Philippines, I can help you open:

- Your Own Mutual Fund Account:

- Your Own Life Insurance Policy:

Also, did you know? You can also open a VUL through me. (A VUL is a life insurance product with investment component!)

So, you're sure that your loved ones are protected AND you're investing for your retirement at the same time.

For a 20 year retirement, you need at least 20 years of preparation:

- if you plan to retire at 60, then you should start preparing at 40 years old.
- want to retire at 50? Then start investing at age 30.
- if you want to retire earlier at age 40, then as early as 20 years old, you should be putting money towards your retirement fund!

The days of relying on your employer and the government to take care of you during retirement is history.

As early as receiving your first pay, you should be already thinking and saving for your retirement.

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