Affiliate Meet & Greet
Are you an up and coming streamer who is now an affiliate and are looking to become a partner? While we can't get you to be a partner, we want to introduce you to the community at our event! If you are an affiliate and will be at Blizzcon, fill out this form to be considered for our special Affiliate Meet & Greet, where you can meet fans and sell them on your stream!

We cannot guarantee everyone who fills this out will be chosen due to space limitations. If you are chosen we highly recommend you bring things to hand out (i.e flyers, business cards, etc).

Meet & Greet times are TBD based on space availability, though our time slots will begin at the start of each hour. 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. The time lasts 45 - 60 minutes.

Submissions must be entered by 11:59:59pm ET on 10/15!!!

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How will you help spread the word of the Meet & Greet? When at the Meet & Greet what will you do to help make sure fans who meet you remember you and tune into your stream?
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If chosen, how do you want CBTS to help you *
If chosen for the Meet & Greet, what are your expectations of the CBTS staff to help you out to make sure you have the best Meet & Greet experience possible?
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