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In addition to the individually declared aims and intentions Food Communities are committing themselves, with their individual and collective actions, to embracing and promoting Slow Foods’ principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability. These aim to result in achieving better modes of production, environmental protection and care of the Earth, as well as dignity and social justice for all those dependent on it.

Food Communities will help to create awareness about the need to transform the dominant food system in order to achieve Good, Clean and Fair Food for All in their country. They will also adhere as best they can to the campaigns promoted nationally and internationally by Slow Food, that support the work of biodiversity protection as carried out by the Ark of Taste, the Presidia, 10 000 Gardens in Africa project, Chefs’ Alliance and other projects.

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The aims and interests of a Food Community
Food Communities are free to frame the core aims and interests of their community. These can be broadly based on one of the Slow Food themes, such as Slow Fish, Meat or Cheese or can relate to a theme of choice, such as seed, farming, a type of food processing or promoting the revival of a tradition.
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Your Communities commitment to Slow Food
Each Community is required to commit to actions they intend to take in enacting the change Slow Food calls us to enable. This might be to host a certain number of events per year, or to nominating Ark products relating to their aim and interest, or could be to raising a certain amount of funding each year to support Slow Food South Africa with their running costs.
It might also relate to growing the support base of their community.
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