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Within Two Days from the end of your event, you are required to submit your: 1) Event flyer or email announcements 2) ITEMIZED receipts for all your expenses (must be without Tax). 3) Updated Budget document with final expenditures.

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Use the following format: number of grads, number of non-grads, number of non-rice. Eg. 20, 2, 2. Approximate if an exact count isn't available.
Upload Event Flyer or Email Announcement:
Attach your event flyer or attach the email announcement you sent out. It must be in one file. Word Documents, PDFs and Images (eg. PNG, JPEG) are accepted. The file name should be in the following format: 'Event Name - Advertising Document' .
Upload Receipts
Attach all receipts that you have. Up to 10 files can be uploaded. Word Documents, PDFs and Images (eg.JPEG) are accepted. Their file name should be in the following format: 'Event Name - Store Name'.
Upload Final Budget/Expenditure
Only one file allowed. Word Documents, PDFs, Images and Spreadsheets are allowed.The file name should be in the following format: 'Event Name - Final Budget'. Contact if you have any questions.
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Write 'I will update once the event is over' if your event has yet to be funded or has yet to take place.
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Add any remarks about your event or any information regarding receipts or other circumstances.
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