The Code of Ethics Questionnaire was developed under the Caribbean Integration Support Programme (CISP), Ninth European Development Fund (9th EDF). The project title was to “Assist Member States to Develop the National Statistical Development Strategy (NSDS) and Annual Statistical Work Programme.”
The Consultancy was aimed at implementing the Regional Statistical Work Programme (RSWP) that was approved by the Community Council of Ministers in 2005. At the briefing meeting which was held at the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, the issue of Good Statistical Practices was placed on the table by the Consultants which resulted in the administering of the European Statistics Code of Ethics Practice (ESCP) Questionnaire in Member States and Associate Members.
The questionnaire is a self-assessment one, containing 15 Principles and corresponding questions that are to be completed with responses:

1. Full compliance, 2. Partial compliance 3.Non-compliance.

The scoring system of the responses are used in deriving indicators that provide information about the adherence of countries to Good Practices in Statistics. At the regional level the information across all countries are compiled and an average score is computed at the country level for all principles as well as for each principle across countries. Countries can determine adherence on an individual country basis or on comparison across the region. Countries are also encouraged to provide Explanations which can also be analysed. On a trial basis we are making the questionnaire available on the web and would like to get feedback relative to this format.
We look forward to your co-operation in completing this questionnaire.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that the zoom for your browser is set to the optimal display level in order to view the scroll for this form.

Please give a score (1,2 or 3) for each indicator and Explanations wherever possible.


1 Full compliance
2 Partial compliance
3 Non-compliance

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