Heritage Academy Sports 2019-2020
Please fill out the following form if your scholar plans to participate in a sports class or team for the 2019-2020 school year. (ONE FORM PER SCHOLAR)

*Please note that the fees listed below are for the class not the team. ** Fees are subject to change based on Heritage Academy Board approval.

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Grade Level for 2019-2020
Please mark the sports your scholar plans to participate in at Heritage Academy for the 2019-2020 school year:
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Jr High Baseball (Spring) $100
HS Baseball (Spring) $125
Jr High Boys' Basketball (Winter) $100
Jr High Girls' Basketball (Spring) $100
HS Boys' Basketball (Winter) $125
HS Girls' Basketball (Winter) $125
Bowling (Per Semester) $75
Jr High Cross Country (Fall) $75
HS Cross Country (Fall) $75
Jr High Flag Football (Fall) $100
HS Tackle Football (Fall) $250
Jr High Golf (Per Semester) $75
HS Golf (Per Semester) $75
Martial Arts (Per Semester) No Fee
Jr High Soccer (Spring) $100
HS Boys' Soccer (Fall) $125
HS Girls' Soccer (Spring) $125
Jr High Softball (Winter) $100
HS Softball (Winter) $125
Swimming (Fall) $75
Jr High Track (Spring) $75
HS Track (Spring) $125
Jr High Boys' Volleyball (Spring) $100
Jr High Girls' Volleyball (Fall) $100
HS Boys' Volleyball (Spring) $125
HS Girls' Volleyball (Fall) $125
Jr High Wrestling (Winter) $100
HS Wrestling (Winter) $125
HS Weight Training (Per Semester) $125
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