Queercon 16 Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in helping make Queercon 16 a successful, enjoyable and safe event for all! Whether you are applying for a handler, crew lead, or crew position, we invite you to take a moment and review our Volunteering Guidelines for role descriptions and responsibilities at https://queercon.org/get-involved/volunteer-guidelines .

Queercon respects your right to privacy and will never share your information without your consent. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that your information will be stored and may be viewed by Queercon's senior leadership, event coordinators, and crew shift leads, and may be used to contact you for application and scheduling reasons. We will not release your information outside of these conditions without your further consent. Requests to remove your information from our system may be e-mailed to info@queercon.org.

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Notes: Handler roles require a minimum of 1-year previous Queercon Crew experience; for Crew Lead roles, 1-year Queercon Crew or similar experience is recommended.
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One application per role, please. You will have an opportunity at the end to apply for multiple roles.
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