OutReach Cumbria Survey
Who we are and what we do

OutREACH Cumbria has been working with the LGBT community for over 20 years initially as part of the local health authority before becoming an independent registered charity. Our current work includes consultation work with Local Authorities, the NHS, schools, colleges and universities and many more establishments, businesses and other charities across not only Cumbria, but the UK and Europe. Our latest project is a therapy service aimed at helping people with issues related to their gender and sexual identity. We have trained a number of therapists based across Cumbria to deliver this work and will be taking on our first clients in a matter of weeks.

Why we are conducting the research

Anecdotally, we recognise that this is a much-needed service in Cumbria, but we need to collect more data in order to back this up. Having this additional information will help us to secure more funding in order to be able to offer this service to many more people in the future.

Aims of the research

To find out how many LGBT people have disclosed difficulties related to their gender or sexuality to their health professional AND had related mental health needs that the professional believed would benefit from some specialist support. Please do not provide any specific information because we do not have ethical clearance to collect this data.

Who we are asking

We are asking professionals working with people throughout Cumbria. This includes NHS teams, counselling organisations, educational institutions and the third sector.

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