Irrigation Check-Up Request
Thank your for your interest in participating in Upper Trinity's no-charge Irrigation System Check-Up Program! Properly functioning and efficient irrigation systems are important to ensuring water is not wasted when applied to the outdoor landscape.

Please provide some basic information about your irrigation system to help us determine if you qualify for an Check-Up. If you qualify, a representative from M&M Irrigation and Illumination will contact you to schedule the one-hour, no-charge Check-Up. Someone will need to be home in order for the Check-Up to be completed. You may only be eligible for a Check-Up one time.

PLEASE NOTE: Since this program is provided for free to residents and has a limited budget, "No Shows" or cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will result in forfeiture of the service for the property owner. This is not a repair service - the licensed irrigator will provide a report with recommended repairs but will not make any repairs.

You will be automatically signed up to receive Upper Trinity's e-newsletter, UTRWD NewsFlow, and may opt out at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact Blake Alldredge with Upper Trinity Regional Water District at (972) 219-1228 or You may also visit Upper Trinity's website at

**The licensed irrigators are employing proper social distancing procedures, such as staying 6 feet away, wearing gloves and masks as appropriate. If you have any concerns, please reach out to the licensed irrigator who schedules with you.**
Outdoor irrigation accounts for 50 - 70% of all water used during the summer months, much of which is wasted due to overwatering and/or inefficient equipment.
Contact Info
The information you provide will be shared with a representative from M&M Irrigation and Illumination, Upper Trinity's vendor conducting the irrigation system check-up at your home. Neither Upper Trinity or M&M Irrigation shares this information with any other outside organizations or individuals. Upper Trinity would like to send you a short survey by email to receive feedback about the check-up program and your watering habits after the evaluation is completed. You may opt out of this survey at the end of this request form.
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