2019 Annual Macaroni N Cheese Fall Festival Vendor & Sponsorship Inquiry
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Annual Festivals -
- 2019 Annual Macaroni & Cheese Fall Festival (October 19th: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm) - SunWest Park, Hudson, FL
Market Vendor (Crafters, Cottage Food Vendors) - $75
Food Truck - 10% of sales
"Business For Good" Showcase & "Community Leadership" Sponsorships available (Select Option Below for details)

- Vendor Inquiry Completed by vendor with vendor selecting all events & dates of interest.

- We will review each requested date/event for products/services conflicts with currently registered vendors for each date/event of interest.
We will also review your Social Media account(s) for examples of your market set-up.

- Shop Local For Good will email each vendor with a list of all vendor requested dates that are available for their participation with the "Terms of Participation" attached that apply to each requested opportunity.

- Vendor MUST review the terms carefully, AND REPLY to the Shop Local For Good email with their agreement to abide by all terms or with ANY QUESTIONS they may have about the requirements of participation, AND they will specify all dates/events for which they wish to be invoiced.


- Once payment is completed by vendor, Shop Local For Good will design a specific promotion of vendor's business and will post promotion(s) to events as they are available.

We look forward to working with you in our community!

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