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Dear Whistler,

is now just a whistle away….

is giving you this ONCE in a LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!

Create 3 WORLD RECORDS in One Go!!

1. Most people whistling together (1000+)
2. Loudest whistling by a group (127 dB SPL)
3. Longest non-stop whistling marathon by a group

Whistling is no longer Taboo…It’s a Flute without Bamboo...
You are no longer just a crazy Yahoo...But a Guinness Record holder that’s WHO...!

The Indian Whistlers’ Association (IWA), founded on Sept. 19th, 2004 by Mr. Rigveda Deshpandey (The Maverick Whistler), is the World's first truly Indian and the largest whistling fraternity. It is India's 1st and only school, dedicated to promoting Musical Whistling as a performing art and has done more than 300 shows all over India since 2004. We have many awards and accolades to our credit as well, which include a Limca Record of 48 whistlers, whistling simultaneously, a colorful victory at the World Whistlers Convention 2016, Japan and at the International Whistling Convention 2010, China. In addition, one of our whistlers has even made an 18hr marathon solo whistling record in 2014.

About The World Record Event

Record 1. Most people whistling together (1000+)
the song "Saare Jahaan se Achha, Hindustan hamara" and ‘one popular hindi song’ along with a backing track (karaoke) that will be provided to you after successful audition and payment of Membership fees.

We got the event registered with the Guinness World Records (GWR) Authority at once, when the idea of kindling the spirit of Musical Whistling among fellow whistlers, finding them and bringing them together on a single platform, crossed our minds!

Update-25-04-2017!!- For auditions, you can now Whatsapp your selfie whistling videos of your selected song upto 2mins WITHOUT KARAOKE for nonstop Marathon to our new no. 7738497387

Please say your name, city and the song name in the video.

DO NOT CALL ON THIS NO. it's strictly for audition videos only.

Update-17-04-217!!- New Question 12 and answer added to FaQs and event schedule and cost of stay in Mumbai updated in answer to Question 5 as also answers of Questions 9, 11.

Update-12-04-2017!!- We have booked Mumbai’s most iconic and largest auditorium “Shri Shanmukhananda Hall” having a capacity of 2700 for the World Record.

Update-29-03-2017!!- We have now applied to the Guinness World Records (GWR) Authority for a 2nd record of “Loudest Whistle by a Crowd” in terms of loudness and are awaiting a response.

Record 2. Loudest whistling by a group (127 dB SPL)

Loud finger whistling is allowed. Please note that at 130 dB SPL (Sound Pressure Level) ears drum can get damaged. We are attempting 127 dB SPL and therefore it is the participant and family’s responsibility to carry and wear ear protection devices such as

Update-29-03-2017!!- We have now applied to the Guinness World Records (GWR) Authority for a 3rd record of “Longest Non-stop Whistling Marathon by a group” in terms of duration (about 16hrs) and are awaiting a response.

Record 3. Longest non-stop whistling marathon by a group

This is a individual whistling round, where each participant whistles a 2 minute song non-stop without music one by one.

Please select a song of your choice (henceforth known as the 3rd song) for "Longest non-stop Whistling Marathon" World Record attempt from any of the 23 Official Indian languages and record your whistling without music for minimum of 2 mins without gaps between verses (mukhada & antara) and send us. Please mention your name, name of song and Film/Album when sending it to us.



**Question 1) Who is eligible to participate? What is the process?**
Answer) Any whistler (age no bar, although minors must be accompanied by a parent), who can whistle a tune (without using any external man-made device) can become an IWA member and is eligible to participate in the World Record attempt.

Hand-whistlers and finger-whistlers will also be accepted. Only musical whistling will be allowed in 1st and 3rd Records and loud finger whistling in 2nd Record.

The process is simple. You fill in this form and give an audition.

For audition,

You may whistle in person in our Mumbai meetings
Whatsapp your selfie whistling videos of your selected song upto 2mins WITHOUT KARAOKE for nonstop Marathon to our new no. 7738497387

Please say your name, city and the song name in the video.
You may upload the video recording on Dropbox/Google Drive/Youtube and paste the shared link in the form at the end of these guidelines.

You can use this tutorial to learn how to upload to Dropbox

Please retain the link for at least 6 months.

We will respond to your audition within a month and send you a payment link/details if you qualify.

On successful payment, you will receive a barcoded receipt at the email address that you provided and an sms on your mobile no. Please keep them safely and show them at the pre-event registration counters a week prior to the actual attempt i.e on 11th & 12th November, 2017 to pick up your ID badge and Welcome Kit.

If you cannot make it in person, you may send a representative with an authority letter and a copy of your and their Govt. ID proof. Outstation members may collect their ID badges and Welcome Kits at the venue on the day of the World Record attempt.

**Question 2) What if I do not wish to become a member of IWA and only wish to participate in the World Record attempt?**

Answer) Membership of all members is valid till November 30th 2017 only and is compulsory to be eligible to participate in the World Record attempt. You may choose not to renew after November 2017.

**Question 3) Why join IWA?**

Answer) We are a bunch that takes whistling very seriously and welcome all those who are willing to learn and contribute to the art of Musical Whistling. There will surely be something new for you to learn from our years of experience.

Even if you feel you are good enough and do not require training or are afraid that you won’t be able to match up to our standards, please do attend our Free Demo Session to acquaint with us, to experience who we are and what we do. You may then decide to join or not. It always helps to be part of a pack than wander alone.

**Question 4) Can I make a career in whistling?**
Answer) Yes, why not.
But, you need to be musically trained, flawless and have the right contacts in the Media Industry. Thus this could take some time before you establish yourself as a Professional Artist. However IWA cannot guarantee this as it is to a great extent based on individual talent as well. Plus India is yet to open up to whistling as a career.

**Question 5) Should I pay something to become a member or participate in the event?**
Answer) Yes. You only need to pay IWA a membership fees of INR 2500/- + applicable taxes, which when compared to the overall expenditure incurred in conducting the event is just a meager amount.

Outstation Members shall arrange for their own travel and stay in Mumbai for the duration of the World Record attempt.

All Whistler participants must reach Mumbai by 17th November night.

Report at the event venue on 18th Nov'17 @ 8:00 am.

1st and 2nd records would be over by lunch. After which the non-stop marathon will start.

Outstation people will be given priority to perform first in the nonstop marathon so that they can catch return flights/trains to their respective cities on same day.

To and Fro flight/train tickets and 17th Nov'17 one night stay to be managed by the Whistler participants themselves. They can check-out of the hotel on 18th morning and report​ to the venue.

Approximate cost of airfare and hotel stay if booked well in advance would be around Rs.10,000.

If we find sponsors, we may help in availing discounts and selection of hotels near the Record venue.

The membership fees will include the following-

a) Membership of IWA- You don't remain a lonely obscure whistler anymore. You become a part of the largest Whistling Community in the world.

b) World Record participation opportunity and training to perform in 3 Records and thus the chance to be a part of History.

c) WELCOME KIT containing (will be given at Record Venue only)
i) T-shirt with the Logo of IWA and any sponsors (color will be chosen by us)
ii) GWR and IWA certified “Thank you” certificate acknowledging your participation.
iii) Event ID badge/wristband
iv) Earplugs for protection
v) Printed bag with IWA logo

d) WhatsApp group membership where you get to connect and learn from whistlers located all over India and abroad. You also get feedback to your whistling recordings and tips to perform on stage.

e) In-person / Online training sessions conducted by IWA, every month and as required, for the World Record attempt. The responsibility lays on you the participant to prepare the 3 songs along with the provided track. Volunteers/Stewards at the venue have the right to disqualify you if you are unable to whistle as desired for the attempt.

f) Complimentary Indian Breakfast shall be provided by us at the venue during the World Record attempt.

g) Lunch/Dinners coupons may be purchased at the pre-event registration counters a week prior to the actual attempt i.e 11th & 12th November, 2017 or at the venue on Record day.

**Question 6) How do I connect with you and practice the songs?**

Answer) After your audition has been accepted and payment is complete, you will receive the tracks to the songs to be practiced by email. We have our Head Office at Mumbai and practice sessions will be conducted for everyone at Mumbai-in person once every month.. The date, time and venue of practices shall be informed by mail/Whatsapp/sms.

People outside Mumbai please check with us if there is a local SPOC (single point of contact) in your city or else you can join us through Video Conferencing and all you need is a 4G connection, headphone, mic and a laptop or phone.

**Question 7) Would I get a certificate from the Guinness World Records Authority?**

Answer) A “Thank you” certificate to acknowledge your participation will be issued by GWR and IWA post the attempt. Once the Record(s) is deemed successful, you can purchase a printed copy of your “Record Holder of Guinness World Record” certificate directly from Guinness Record website for 25 US Dollars+courier and taxes extra, with the participation code that we will share or contact IWA post the record to avail bulk order discount.

**Question 8) Why a Guinness World Record Certificate?**

Answer) Making a Guinness Record individually is very difficult. The rules and measurement criteria are very strict. It costs several Lacs of Rs. just for the Guinness judge to be present to validate in person. We are taking care of all this and thus it’s a great chance for you to be a part of the Record Attempt at a very nominal cost.

Also the Guinness World Record Certificate is something very unique and of extremely high value and can be very useful to make you stand out when you apply for a job. It will spike your resume to an extent that the interviewers view you as someone who did something bold and unique in the world.

**Question 9) What happens if the World Record attempt is not successful?**

Answer) We are attempting to break the current Guinness World Record of 853 whistlers with 1000+ whistlers. If we are unsuccessful in gathering even 854 whistlers, we will be trying for the Limca Book of Records (our Limca record of 48 stands unbroken since 2004) and other local Record Books and we shall still be eligible for our other 2 Record Attempts and shall continue with them. But the membership fees shall not be refunded. We will however try again next year using the experience and bounce back with even more zeal, vigor and fire in our hearts.

**Question 10) What will happen if another organization breaks the record that we set?**

Answer) Our Record will remain in the database of the Guinness World Records Authority. The certificate of the record will always be available for purchase through their website. Even if another organization breaks our record, it will not kill the validity of our current record.

**Question 11) How do i cancel my enrollment/membership or if I cannot attend World Record attempt?**

Answer) By paying 2500/- you shall become a paid member of Iwa and if you cannot attend the World Record at Mumbai for any reason, you still get all the benefits of membership and training except the Welcome kit. Cancellation of membership and fee refunds under any unforeseen circumstances can be availed by emailing us within the first 15 days of payment only and the registration fees of Rs. 500 shall be deducted and the balance amount will be returned via cheque by courier to the address provided by you during registration. Courier charges will be deducted at actuals. Refunds and the Welcome Kit won’t be provided if you do not attend the WR attempt.

**Question 12) How do you plan to gather 1000+ whistlers?**

Answer) We have started personally contacting about 1000+ whistlers from all over India whose details we have in our database. They had applied to join us since 2008 but couldn't due to their personal reasons.

We also plan to have awareness and training workshops in schools, colleges, residential societies and workplaces in Mumbai and nearby cities as well as online social media campaigns to raise awareness about the great work that Indian Whistlers' Association is doing in Spreading the Joy of Whistling since 2004.

World Record attempt Terms and Conditions:

You agree to accept and abide by all the below terms and conditions before filling in the Application Form in the next section.

1. All the 3 Records will be attempted on the 18th of November, 2017 at Mumbai, India. 19th November shall be a buffer day incase we decide to extend the Marathon. More details will be published soon on our website –

2. You are expected to follow all the safety guidelines that might be announced prior or during the event. IWA will not be responsible in the event of any mishap due to non-compliance on your part to the rules laid down by us.

3. Except where arising out of their own negligence, IWA & GWR shall have no responsibility for the safety of any part of the World Record attempt and shall not be liable to you or your personal representatives for any loss, damage or injury to
yourself or your property in connection with the World Record attempt or during travel & accommodation in Mumbai.

4. You have decided to take part in the World Record attempt(s) of you own free will and IWA has not charged you any money for participation but only for membership and training.

5. The ID badge and T-shirt given to you must be worn at all times during the 2 day event.

6. You shall be assigned a Volunteer/Steward who will be responsible for group of 50 whistlers for the duration of the World Record attempt and you shall abide by his/her instructions at all times, failing which he/she has the right to disqualify you from the attempt and it shall be binding.

7. Your participation will monitored within an established World Record attempt area and every participant within the established World Record attempt area is expected to take part and may not leave the area for any breaks without the permission of the assigned Volunteer/Steward.

8. All mobile phones must be switched off before entering the established World Record attempt area and photography/videography is not allowed.

9. In the “Most People Whistling” & “Loudest Whistling” attempt, all participants must start whistling at the same time and finish whistling at the same time along with the track.

10. It is not expected that all whistlers will in the same scale or pitch.

11. If over 10% of participants within the established World Record attempt area do not meet the above criteria, then the entire attempt will be disqualified.

12. The Audition criteria for the 3rd Record Attempt- Longest non-stop Whistling Marathon will be very strict and eligibility for the other 2 Record Attempts does not automatically qualify you for the 3rd Record Attempt.

13. IWA/GWR may make any details of your World Record attempt/title available to the public (but there is no obligation on us to do so).

14. That you will not take legal action against us/GWR if any details released by us/GWR are incorrect. But we will try hard to avoid errors and correct them (where we can) when we become aware of them.

15. All enrollments will be documented on video. The visual and audio evidence of your performance may be aired, used for our promotional purposes and also shared with the GWR Authorities.

16. IWA/GWR can use your personal information for the following purposes:
i) To process your application
ii) In our publications
iii) In our marketing materials
iv) In promoting our brand through any media (including contacting you)
v) May pass on your contact information to third parties where we consider you may be interested in being contacted by them (for example TV production companies and PR companies).
vi) Can transfer your personal information outside India and the European Union, even to countries where your information may not be protected to the same extent (this is because of the global nature of their business).
vii) You will not take legal action against us if you suffer any loss as a result of any loss of personal data except where it is our fault.

17. The Record may be deemed successful OFFICIALLY by a Guinness World Records Judge in person or by GWR after verifying all evidences only and may take upto 2 months.

18. Once the Record(s) is deemed successful, IWA shall announce on its website and social media pages and communicate the same to you by email, whatsapp, etc.

19. Till then it will be a World Record attempt only and under no circumstances shall you or your personal representatives claim/announce/declare/share/communicate to anyone or anywhere that you are a Guinness World Record holder.

20. Such a claim may risk disqualification of the World Record attempt by GWR and IWA holds the right to sue you or your personal representatives/claimants/heirs for the losses and to recover the costs of the entire event from you.

21. All litigations are subject to Mumbai High Court jurisdiction.

22. IWA reserves the right to modify the above terms and conditions as and when deemed necessary and the same shall be informed to the members by email/whatsapp/sms.

Do you accept and abide by our "World Record attempt Terms and Conditions" given above?
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