How well do you know New Haven history?
Take this quick quiz and find out!
New Haven Quiz
Test your local knowledge
1. What New Haven streets are named for the 3 judges who in the 1600s reportedly spent time living in a cave at what is now West Rock ridge State Park?
2. When the city of New Haven was first "designed" how many squares did the designers designate?
3. A group of people who were violently enslaved then revolted on a ship and were imprisoned in New Haven prior to a ground-breaking court case and ruling on the rights of human beings. What was the name of this famous ship?
4. The first hamburger was reportedly created and served at what New Haven eatery?
5. Where was Yale University founded?
6. What Native American Tribe was known to be living in what is now New Haven when the Puritans arrived in the 1600s?
7. The estimated population of New Haven in 2015 was?
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