Maths Questionnaire March 2017
I am good at Maths
My teacher encourages us to help each other and work together in Maths
My Maths work is marked regularly and this helps me improve
My teacher explains clearly the Maths that we are learning
We have lots of different Maths equipment in school
We do lots of group and working buddy activities to answer questions
I like to receive some Maths homework to help me get better
Maths lessons are well organised and pupils behave
I enjoy Maths
Maths is fun
I can ask my teacher for help when I don't understand Maths work
Our class work on similar things in Maths
I can see what I have learnt from my Monkey Maths sheet and work I am given helps me achieve the Targets
I regularly feel challenged to try new things in Maths to let me progress further
I know what the learning objectives are for each Maths Lesson and it's explained clearly
We are given time to review each other's and our own work
I always know when I have done well and achieved in Maths Lessons
We have an area in the class and a working wall which helps us to develop a variety of Maths skills
On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how do you enjoy maths
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