Kabataan Alliance Membership Form
A national alliance of Filipino youth and student organizations dedicated to serving our communities in the U.S.  and back home in the Philippines.

See full constitution: tinyurl.com/KABAConsti
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Our Mission
To build national unity among Filipino youth and student organizations across the United States to advocate for the rights and welfare of Filipinos in the U.S., the Philippines, and around the world.
Our Vision
We unite and empower Filipino youth and students across the U.S. to engage in community organizing and advocacy to build towards a just society where people can reach their full potential.
Our Points of Unity
EDUCATE: Learn about our roots and people’s history, celebrate our culture, and raise awareness about issues we face as Filipinos.

UNITE: Build unity and strong connections among Filipino youth across the United States and empower youth to make positive changes in their communities

ACT: Take action to advance the rights and welfare of the Filipino youth and community through campaigns, programs, and projects in our local communities and in the Philippines
Ages: 13-35 Students, youth professionals, working youth, out of school youth, etc.

It shall be composed of youth organizations, student clubs, youth-led institutions, youth programs, and individuals.
1. Criteria for grassroots youth organizations
           Youth-led groups based in schools, communities, or workplaces
2. Criteria for youth programs affiliated with larger institutions
           Non-profit youth programs,  youth ministries of churches, service-based programs
           (tutoring, outreach, retention, mentorship, college preparation, etc.)
3. Criteria for individuals

Membership process is as follows:
1. It shall receive an orientation into the alliance which includes constitution and by-laws and 3 year plan
2. Potential member must complete the membership form and agree to abide to the organizational documents. 3. Membership form  will be signed and filed by the Membership Director.
3. Potential member must pay a membership fee to the Finance Director.
4. The National Council shall discuss and decide on the membership application.

1. All members are free to attend and participate in the meetings and activities of the alliance
2. All members are free to express opinions and present suggestions  
3. All members are free to appeal any decision of the national council through the correct process
4. Grassroots youth organizations are able to vote whereas, youth programs affiliated with larger institutions & individuals cannot
5. Grassroots youth organizations and youth program representatives can be elected

1. Promotion of the good name and goodwill of Kabataan Alliance
2. Notification of any changes in address and organizational representative to the Membership Director
3. Take up the causes, projects  and campaigns of the alliance
4. Contribute to expanding the alliance by promoting the alliance and recruiting more organizations
5. Promptly pay membership dues of $50 annually

Only for grassroots youth organizations
1. Be an active participant in decision making for the alliance by ensuring organizational representation on monthly national calls
2. Member organizations shall appoint or elect a representative to the alliance

1. Submit a letter of resignation to the Executive Board stating reasons for resignation
2. Executive Board will notify the National Council of resignation

Submission of Membership
Our organization is determined to advancing the rights and welfare of Filipinos across the United States and at home in the Philippines through education, unity, and action.  We pledge to uphold the constitution and bylaws of the alliance.  

As decided by our organization, our representative will commit to attend national conference calls and/or meetings called for by the Kabataan Alliance.   In the event that our representative is not available, we will send a proxy in their place.

We look forward to actively participating in this alliance to ensure that we are building towards a brighter future for our communities.  By submitting this form, we are formalizing the membership of our organization to the Kabataan Alliance.
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