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Would you be interested in taking our 1Gbps broadband service @£30/month (with a one-off connection fee of £150) inc VAT?
If you do not live in an area currently developing a project, but would be interested in seeing your community getting involved in B4RN, you are welcome to register an interest. This will help us and local parishes to judge the likely level of demand in new areas.
Do you own the property you are living in?
If you own property or land in the area would you be willing to grant a free wayleave to let B4RN install its fibre across your land?
Wayleaves are formal legal documents that allow us to install, maintain or repair our equipment. All routes, work and timing are only undertaken with landowner agreement. Because we are a not-for-profit organisation, we ask for free wayleaves so that we can keep our costs low so as to benefit the community.
Are you interested in being an investor?
This is not an invitation to invest, just to let us gauge interest. Please see the 'B4RN Community'->'Investors' page on this website or ask a question at the end of this form and we will respond.
B4RN is built on community spirit. We rely on strong volunteer support, as well as help from landowners. In return all profits go back into the community.
Would you be willing to put some effort in? What skills can you offer?
Please enter skills you would like to volunteer to the project, all sorts needed, no job too small. If you are retired, please include skills you acquired during your working life.
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