Writer Mastermind Application
Please fill out this form to get the writer mastermind section of our Writer Discord Server turned on. https://discord.gg/VRqQ78C

Our goal is to build a writer community that can grow and navigate the indie publishing business together with an open mind.

This 'Mastermind' Community consists of:
- Fantasy, any sub-genre, no main plot romance.
- A growth mindset.
- Actively publishing authors looking to make a career from their works.
- Looking to be apart of an active community, not just dropping self promotions and leaving.

There are a million writer communities out there, it's important that you join the one that works best for you as each genre, each person & each community will approach publishing differently.

Give us 5 business days to go over your application, and we will be in touch via Discord.

If you aren't at the Mastermind level yet, join our Writer Discord Server > https://discord.gg/VRqQ78C
Link us to a published work: *
Discord username: *
Tell us whatever you want, what you're looking for in a community, or talk about the above bullet points. Whatever you'd like us to know about you and your journey in indie publishing. *
Where you heard about us, if you were recommended by a fellow author in the community let us know here.
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