Students evaluate the experience at the end of the project
“Skills for the Future of Europe”
Thinking of the activities carried out, you think this this experience is:
Thinking about the choice of your future profession, this experience:
(you can mark more than one answer)
At the end of the project, about your future entry into the labor market or further studies you feel:
This experience helped you understand that the competences acquired at school might be:
(you can mark more than one answer)
During these two years, you talked with your parents about the experiences lived within the project:
You think that the project has required a commitment to you:
You think that the collaboration with the company is helpful to learn about its internal organization and the skills required for those who intend to work in it
Do you think that, thanks to this experience, the company has acquired:
From your point of view, through the activities organized by the school on the project:
The collaboration with your company helped you to understand that to work within a company is important:
(you can mark more than one answer)
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