Become our next Candle Maker (Production Assistant)!
Mythologie Candles is based in Lynden, Washington and hand-pours small batches of high-quality fantasy-inspired candles designed to help people have more immersive experiences.

We are seeking positive, hard-working people who want to help us produce the world's best candles in the realm! You don't have to have previous experience making candles, just a love for learning and being detail oriented!

*This is a physical job where you're on your feet a lot, so it's essential applicants are in good condition and don't have pre-existing health issues that may get aggravated by repetitive activity.

Job Description & Benefits:

🌟 This is an in-person job at our physical location in Lynden, Washington.

🌟 This position is seasonal, part-time, starting at $14/hr with opportunities to grow!

🌟 You get to be part of an exciting fast-paced, start-up where you'll be an integral part creating systems & processes into place as we prepare to 10x!

Here are the qualities we're looking for in a new team member:
● Self-motivated - you find things to do even when you're not told.
● Don’t mind repetition - you don't feel bored by making candles all day!
● Likes a fast-paced environment - you're not stressed by a lot happening at once.
● Precision & attention to detail is an asset!
● Strong work ethic - you're fully committed and put in 100%
● Independent - you don't need babysitting once you're confident in your task
● Likes to be on their feet and doing things.
● Organized - you leave a space better than when you go there.

Tasks will include things such as:
● Prepping vessels for pouring
● Wicking vessels with a hot glue gun with extreme precision
● Pouring wax into vessels
● Cleaning candles with care
● Labeling candles with precision
● Organizing inventory
● Contributing to weekly cleaning tasks
● Help with packing & shipping tasks as needed
● Help company refine our systems and processes as we go

You will be a great fit as a production assistant if you...
● Have physical strength - can lift 50+ lbs
● Can work quickly and efficiently
● Have extreme attention to detail - we welcome your OCD tendencies! ;)
● Enjoy a fast-paced work environment
● Are friendly and get along easily with others
● Love being in a team setting, but are also great solo
● Have strong communication skills
● Are fantastic at solving problems
● Have the ability to work while standing 90% of the time
● Are self-motivated and find things to do even when there's a lull
● Love being busy

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