YxY Feedback
In order to grow and learn, we need your feedback, reflections, and ideas! Help us learn what we can do better, how you would like us to support you going forward, and what ideas you have for the future of YxY!
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The YxY Program
We offered 65 sessions (apart from the Cafés) over 3 days and would love to hear your thoughts on the program we have put together 🙏
How many sessions did you attend?
Overall, how satisfied were you with the sessions offered?
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
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What was your favorite session and why? - And/Or - What was your favorite exercise, activity, or question in a session?
Which other themes or sessions would you have liked to see in the program?
Any other feedback or comments you would like to share on the YxY Program?
Overview of the YxY Experience
What is/are the main takeaway(s) you take from the YxY Experience?
What, if any, have you made as commitments as a result of YxY?
Have your opinions on education shifted? If so, in what way?
Complete this sentence: My favorite part of YxY was...
Complete this sentence: The most frustrating part of YxY was...
How much do you agree with the following statement:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I understand and feel aligned with the purpose of YxY
I feel a sense of belonging to the YxY community
I was exposed to perspectives from places and cultures I had never encountered before
I would like to attend YxY events in the future
I would recommend YxY to my peers
I would like to play an active role in the evolution of the YxY movement
I now identify as an education activist
The Future of YxY & Your Involvement
How would you like YxY to support you in the future?
How would you like to contribute to YxY in the future?
What would you like to learn more about? E.g. Skills, Topics, Geographies
Put a checkmark next to all of the things you are interested in:
Any other feedback, comments, messages, or ideas you would like to share with us!
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