Survey: Fliped Seminar @ NYSCSS '14
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1. This session was well organized. *
2. The information presented was relivant to me. *
3. The speaker was informative, prepared, and understandable. *
4. My questions and the discussion were handled to my satisfaction. *
5. I learned something new/helpful/useful. *
6- I learned about valuable resources that will assist me in my classroom. *
7. Do you currently flip your classroom? *
8. After attending this session, do you think that you will begin or expand flipping your classroom? *
9. Are there any topics that you had hoped would be discussed during the session that were not discussed?
Please mention those topics or questions here.
10. Please include your email here if you would like me to email you an access code to my Flipped Psychology class on Schoology or if you would like me to address any of your questions/concerns.
Please include your name as well as your email address.
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