CHFC Official COVID-19 Questionnaire
The following are a series of anonymous questions related to COVID-19 and how it has affected not only you but all of our communities. Please be honest in the questions you answer below.
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1. How has COVID-19 affected you? (Como te ha afectado la pandemia de COVID-19?) *
2. Were you, a relative, or a friend exposed to COVID-19? (Ha sido expuesto tu, un familiar, o un amigo al COVID-19?) *
3. Do you plan on receiving the vaccine or have taken it? (Planeas recibir la vacuna o lo has recibido?) *
4. If you answered no, why might be the reasons as to why you do not plan on taking the vaccine? (Si contesto no, cual seria las razones que no planeas recibir la vacuna?)
5. In your opinion, why would some hesitate or prevent others in taking the vaccine? (En tu opinion, porque algunos dudarian o que previene otros recibir la vacuna?) *
6. Do you have any questions regarding the vaccines? (Tienes alguna pregunta sobre las vacunas?) *
7. Do you have any suggestions on how we can help communities through the pandemic we're all living in now? (Tienes alguna sugerencia en como podemos ayudar nuestra comunidad por la pandemia que todos estamos viviendo ahora?) *
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