World Squash Day: The Big Hit Event Map!
World Squash Day returns on Saturday October 12th with ambitious plans to attract one million new players to the game over the next decade.

The theme for 2019 is for every club on the planet to open their doors and hold a free taster session called The Big Hit.

Use this form to register your Big Hit event on the world map and join in with the celebration for World Squash Day!

The PSA Foundation will be giving away 3x Squash TV subscriptions for your club to air live squash plus signed memorabilia to randomly selected clubs!

All you have to do is:
- Register your event onto the world map with the form below
- Post a photo or video of your activities on the day on any social media space, &:
- Tag the PSA Foundation into your post so we can see your activities:
Facebook: @PSAFoundation1
Instagram: @psafoundation_
Twitter: @PSAWorldTour
- The Squash TV memberships are for club use only and not for personal/individual use.
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