Forgiveness Inventory
This inventory is designed to collect data that will give a reflection of your current understanding of the doctrine of biblical forgiveness. There are three "foundation" categories (positional, awareness, core) and two "ladder" categories (life, action) that provide the necessary information.

The maximum possible scoring breakdown per category is as follows:

Positional Principle (maximum value 9 points)
(the position where a believer in Jesus Christ has been put)

Action Principle (maximum value 3 points)
(the response a believer in Jesus Christ must do concerning biblical forgiveness)

Awareness Principle (maximum value 12 points)
(knowledge or perception a believer in Jesus Christ should have concerning biblical forgiveness)

Core Principle (maximum value 9 points)
(the central or most important aspect of biblical forgiveness a believer in Jesus Christ should know)

Life Principle (maximum value 3 points)
(the daily constitution, attitude, posture a believer in Jesus Christ must walk in concerning biblical forgiveness)

The degree of understanding is shown in the numerical score achieved in each category. Anything less than the maximum score available would indicate a lack of understanding in that category.

If you desire to speak with someone concerning your level of literacy, go to this link and fill out the submittal form at the bottom of the page:
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