2019 Watch City Steampunk Festival(TM) Performer/ Artist/ Panel Application
Come celebrate Mad Science with us! The 2019 Watch City Steampunk Festival(TM) in Waltham, MA is a one day festival that blends the elements of the Victorian Era with the modern Steampunk art movement.

Throughout the day of May 11th we will host thousands of spectators and provide hours of entertainment that transforms downtown Waltham into a Jules Verne-esque city, featuring juried art & craft vendors, Steampunk oriented vendors, performance venues, food vendors and other planned family-oriented activities throughout the Common area and on surrounding streets. This year's expanded list of events, activities, educational venues and local business participants invite the public to celebrate the industrial flavor of Waltham and to come explore, experience and participate in this incredible family-oriented festival and art form.

Please use this form to send us your proposal for entertainment, discussion panels, displays, etc. at the 2019 Watch City Steampunk Festival(TM) on Saturday May 11th. If you would like to be a vendor, please use the Vendor Application.

If you have a question, please contact us at performers@watchcityfestival.com

Performer applications are due by February 1, 2019.

Name of Performer/Group *
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Contact Person's Name *
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Contact Email Address *
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Contact Phone Number *
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Mailing Address *
We expect to mostly communicate by email, but a mailing address would be handy just in case.
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Not required, but very helpful if you've not been with us before. If you have a website where we, and the public, can learn more about you, please enter the URL.
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Type of Event/Performance *
What are you proposing? Are you a wandering minstrel or magician? Do you want to have a panel discussion about tea or petticoats? Let us know what you'd like to do. This is your description for the organizers, not the description we will use on the official schedule.
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What is your normal performance duration? *
How long is your performance? A 15, 30, or 60 minute set?
Would you be willing to perform more than once over the course of the day at different locations?
We are adding different 'Busker Stations' to make the footprint of the festival a bit larger, if you do not need the large audio set-up, would you be willing to perform at one or more of these throughout the day?
What Makes You Steampunk? *
Tell us how your proposal fits in with our festival's Steampunk/ Steampunk Mad Science theme. We know, it's often a "you know it when you see it" thing. (Related topics like Victorian history, pirates, time travel etc. are fine; we're just trying to head off submissions that are REALLY off-theme.)
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Official Title of Event/Performance *
This is what we will use with the public. Please note that on the printed schedule handout, this title is the ONLY thing that people will see, so pick a title that gives a clue as to what this event is about. Keep it short!
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Official Description of Event/Performance *
Whatever you write here will be used to describe this event on our website, in advertising, etc. We reserve the right to edit your text for length/spelling.
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Official Biography *
Whatever you write here will be used to describe you on our website, in advertising, etc. Third person point of view preferred. We reserve the right to edit your text for length/spelling.
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Total Number of Performers *
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Schedule Requirements *
The festival runs Saturday from 10am to 5pm. How much time do you need for set-up? Is there any time when you cannot perform, or a time you prefer? Please note, the Festival will be as accommodating as possible, but cannot make guarantees on schedule timing.
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Technical and Personnel Requirements *
Describe EVERYTHING you need the Festival to provide -- electrical power, sound, projector, chairs/tables, a specified amount of room, someone to help with something, etc. (Note, the Festival can not provide tents, with the exception of the stage locations.) Please be aware- we go on Rain or Shine- we will accommodate per the weather as much as possible, but please come prepared for rain.
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Can you perform without audio support? *
I.e. Microphone, Amp, etc..
Are You Charging a Workshop Materials Fee?
If you are doing a workshop, will there be a materials fee? If so, how much? Note: It is up to you to collect and manage any fees. The Festival will not do it for you.
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Are You Using Flame?
Fire performers require extra safety measures and a $25 permit from the City of Waltham, so we need to know well in advance to make arrangements. In addition, extra insurance may be required.
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Are You Setting Up a Physical Structure?
Do you require the setting up of a tent/canopy, circus rig, or some other structure that we have to make room for? If so, please describe what you have in mind and what the dimensions/space requirements are. Please include height and whether you must be on level ground (parts of Waltham Common are on a slope). Tents on Waltham Common may NOT use stakes -- they must use weights.
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Please indicate Proposed Fee. Performers are always welcome to pass the hat (except that you may not do so at the Waltham Public Library). If you would like table space to sell band-related merchandise, or some other form of compensation, let us know. (Merchandise should be related to you/your group; if you want to be a full vendor selling other items not related to your group, we can put you in touch with the Vendor Committee.)
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Additional Requirements/Comments
If you have any unusual requests, specific concerns not covered elsewhere, etc. put them here.
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Is your show especially aimed at kids, or very kid-friendly? We will mark such events on the schedule for parents. Note that ALL performances should still be appropriate for a public event.
Festival Agreement *
By checking the box below I agree to the following: In consideration of the right and privilege to enter and participate in the 2019 Watch City Steampunk Festival, I agree to save, indemnify, and hold harmless the Downtown Waltham Partnership and Watch City Steampunk Festival from any and all loss, claims, cause of action, demands, and liabilities whatsoever to every name and nature which I, the exhibitor or products, my guests and invitees may have as a result of any occurrence at the event.
Code of Conduct *
By checking the box below I agree to the following: This code of conduct is in effect as of February 15, 2018. . . The Downtown Waltham Partnership, Inc. wants the Watch City Steampunk Festival (hereinafter referred to as WCSF or The Festival) to be a safe, enjoyable event for everyone. . . We recognize that we cannot enforce this code of conduct on our attendees, given that the event takes place in a public location, but committee members, volunteers, staff and other Festival personnel, vendors, and performers are required to abide by the WCSF code of conduct when engaging in WCSF-related activities. . . We acknowledge that interpersonal relationships in social settings are complex. Not everyone likes everyone else, and not everyone agrees with everyone else. Disagreements, friction, and vigorous debate are expected. In particular, this Code of Conduct is not intended to interfere with ordinary civil speech and/or panel discussions, even when people disagree about controversial topics. However, interactions that become hostile or coercive do not have any part in a healthy social environment. . . Harassment is difficult to define, and attempts at an exact definition are subject to interpretation. Different people have different boundaries, and we all need to be respectful of that. If someone asks you not to touch them, not to talk to them, or not to refer to them in a way that they find objectionable, it’s best to stop. Repeated unwelcome behaviors are likely to be construed as harassment. Actions that are sufficiently egregious (assault, threatening language, and comparable actions) fall under this policy even if no previous incident has occurred. . . We ask that you be considerate and respectful of all Festival attendees, fellow vendors, performers and staff. Please refrain from use of obscenities or foul language, as this is a family-friendly event. Please respect the requests of Festival staff and supervisors, and representatives of the City of Waltham, especially the Waltham Police and Fire Department. Additionally, we expect that all merchandise, wares and trade practices conform to all federal, state, and local laws and legal requirements and all requirements and restrictions of the Watch City Steampunk Festival. . . IN SUMMARY: Just as you do not owe anyone your time, your attention, or physical contact, no one owes you theirs. Interacting with people you don't know well can be somewhat like first contact with an alien ambassador, so demonstrate respectful intentions and do your best to be a credit to the human race.
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