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Basic details about you and your struggles with addiction and substance misuse.
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What is recovery?
There are different definitions for “recovery”. The way I understand it, your recovery date is the day you decided to take control, be responsible, and make the change in your life. For many, it’s not the same as the last time they “used”. (I have been in recovery since 2013.)
How long have you been recovery?
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Addictions manifest in many different ways.
A person's addictions are just the unique way they have found to deal with a pain or discomfort in their life. Almost anything can become an addiction. Of course there are the most common substances -- alcohol, opioids, amphetamines -- and many common behaviors -- gambling, sex, eating, shopping. Each addiction presents unique challenges but no matter the addiction, each of us has the potential to move beyond our past and thrive in our future. (I have struggled with alcohol, prescription meds, food, gambling, work, and others)
What substances and/or behaviors you have struggled with:
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