2021-22 Consent & Release Form
To participate in a CNY Drones @RoboSpartans Robotics drone events, the Participant (OR PARENT / GUARDIAN IF UNDER 18) agrees to the following TERMS of this Agreement.

The Participant (AND PARENT/GUARDIAN OF PARTICIPANT UNDER AGE 18) understands that photographs, videotapes, and other recordings will be made of participants and attendees. Participant (AND PARENT/GUARDIAN OF PARTICIPANT UNDER AGE 18) consents to all photographs and recordings and the use thereof to promote the CNY Drones programs & events.

Participant (AND PARENT/GUARDIAN OF PARTICIPANT UNDER AGE 18) understands that participation in a CNY Drones event will expose Participant to risks of injury including, without limitation, injury from: piloting drones; building, modifying and using battery, electrical and mechanical components associated with drone use; using hand tools and/or power tools at the event; other participants; and other activities associated with the event. Participant (AND PARENT/GUARDIAN OF PARTICIPANT UNDER AGE 18) understands that CNYDrones @RoboSpartans Robotics does not select, supervise or otherwise exercise authority or control over other participants at the drone event.

The Participant, if 18 years old or older, acknowledges and agrees that he/she is primarily responsible for his/her own safety. THE PARENT/GUARDIAN OF A PARTICIPANT UNDER AGE 18 acknowledges and agrees that the Parent/Guardian is responsible for the Participant’s safety and that the Parent/Guardian will monitor the Participant’s activities inside and outside the drone event venue/building.

In consideration for CNY Drones @RoboSpartans Robotics allowing the Participant to participate in the drone event, the Participant (and the Parent/Guardian of a Participant under age 18) assumes all risk of such participation and hereby releases CNY Drones @RoboSpartans Robotics, all venue employees, volunteers, and agents from any and all claims for any injury of any kind to the Participant (and the Parent/Guardian) or other damages that may occur as a result of the Participant’s participation in the Drone Challenge, including without limitation any injuries or other damages that may be caused by the negligence of the event staff or negligence of any volunteer, venue employee, or agent (including without limitation negligently failing to adequately investigate or screen participants and/or volunteers and venue employees), and agrees not to file any lawsuit or otherwise make any claim against any event volunteers, venue employees or agents for any such injury or other damages. The Participant (AND PARENT/ GUARDIAN IF UNDER AGE 18) does not hereby release any claims against any individual person who intentionally causes injury to the Participant.

Participant (AND PARENT/GUARDIAN IF UNDER AGE 18) has read this document and understands that this Consent and Release Agreement includes a waiver of the right to make injury claims that is intended to be legally binding. By filling out and signing (below), the Participant (AND PARENT/GUARDIAN IF UNDER AGE 18) agrees to this Consent and Release Agreement.
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Participant (if 18+) or Parent/Guardian: By adding your name below in place of signature you acknowledge that you have read this document & are agreeing to information as stated. Your acknowledgement will be on file for the 2021 calendar year and must be renewed annually. This form is only valid when the line below is completed. Form responses are timestamped. *
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