RAGT 20 Volunteer Information Form
If you are interested in helping out for RAGT20 please fill out this form. This information will help us know where your strengths may be and to let us know how you would like to volunteer.

Please be aware, we can’t guarantee a job for every interested person, but we’d love to have you on our list!

There are two types of volunteers we need at RAGT.
THROW ME IN- these volunteers could be called on short notice to lend a hand.
MAKE A PLAN- these volunteers will be scheduled at times we know extra hands will be needed.

(NOTE: You MUST be a Registered attender of RAGT20 before this form is filled out. This form will be made accessible to all Volunteer Coordinators for the event)
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Cell phone number, so we can send a text if we need help quick! *
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What areas are you interested in helping with ?
If you are willing to help in more than one area let us know, some areas need more help than others.
What made you show interest in Volunteering at RAGT20
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What day/time do you plan to arrive? *
Have you volunteered at RAGT in the past (if yes in what area)? *
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Do you have any limitations we need to keep in mind? We wouldn't want to ask you to help move boxes if you have a bad back. ;) *
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List any skills that you may have that could be useful as a volunteer.
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