Instructional Technology Support Request
This form is to be used by teachers in the Albany City School District who would like support with the purposeful integration of technology into their instructional practice. It is not to be used as a way to report technical issues and repairs. Those issues should be referred to the help desk at the following link:
First and Last Name *
Is this a request for individual support or team support? *
Building *
Room Number *
This will be used to find you in the building. If this is for a team meeting please indicate where the team is meeting.
What is the purpose of the meeting? *
Please include any personal/team goals you have for the meeting.
When are you requesting to meet? *
Typically, these sessions are embedded in your work day but appointments can be made outside of the work day as schedules allow. Please be as specific as possible and you use times instead of periods. Please also keep in mind that these are requests. A confirmation will be sent to you through Outlook.
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