Career Research Supplement #3 - August
Complete this assignment by August 15 as part of the UB Summer Program 2020
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For August, we will be researching careers in science and technology. To get started, check out this interesting TED talk by an inspiring teen who proves you're never too young to start working in the science field!
Visit and choose two of the following careers to research: Biology, Biotechnology, Computer Engineer, or Mechanical Engineer.
Which did you choose to research first? *
In your own words, describe this profession (credit will not be given for copying and pasting from website for any of this assignment). *
What is the salary like for this profession? Is it a growing field in the state you would like to live in? *
What degree(s) are needed for this career? Discuss the process a student must go through in order to get a job and work in this field. *
Are there different concentrations or levels in this career field? Talk about several of them. *
What skills are needed to be successful in this career? Do you have these skills? Do you think you would enjoy this career? Why or why not? *
Which career did you choose to research next? *
In your own words, describe this profession. *
What is the salary range for this career in WV? *
What are the steps a person needs to take in order to work in this career? *
Are there different concentrations in this career field? Name a few. *
What skills are helpful for this career? Are you interested in possibly working in this career or a related one? *
Choose one career you have not researched yet (one that you would like to find out more about). You can use this website or other websites to research.
What career did you choose? *
Discuss what this career does, the education required, the different concentrations, and the skills needed. *
Is it possible to study this career in in WV? What schools have programs for this field? *
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