Birmingham Student Housing Co-op: applications for 2018-2019 membership
If you'd like this information in another format or if you have any questions about accessibility or language then please contact us: email homeswithoutlandlords[at]gmail[dot]com or call 01212381293. At this stage of development the house is inaccessible to wheelchair users, but this is a priority for the coming year; we welcome all applications regardless of disability. With regards to language, a number of us can sign BSL to varying degrees of fluency and there are German/Spanish speakers in the house. We also accept applications for couples sharing a room - please get in touch to find out more.

Birmingham Student Housing Co-op is an exciting, collaborative project aimed at creating good quality and democratic housing for students by students. BSHC came out of a community of students that were involved in left-wing campaigning, and the co-op has served as a base for activist organising and student-led projects. However, you do not require such experience to live here - just enthusiasm to engage with the various aspects of running a co-op! We are a member of Students for Cooperation, the national network of student co-operatives. As members, we are committed to the 7 co-operative principles and try to implement them in all we do. These are: 1) Voluntary and Open Membership; 2) Democratic Member Control; 3) Member Economic Participation; 4) Autonomy and Independence; 5) Education, Training and Information; 6) Co-operation among Cooperatives; 7) Concern for Community.

Please be aware that our standard tenancies last for 12 months. They will become available in July and September 2018 for the standard 12 months. All tenants are required to pay for the duration of their tenancy, either on a monthly or termly basis.

During term-time, all tenants are expected to undertake at least two rota tasks and cook a communal meal each week, clean up after themselves and regularly attend house meetings on most Sunday evenings. All tenants must partake in 2 of our 5 working groups, which currently includes: Finance, Maintenance, Outreach, Garden and Admin. In our co-op, working groups are the bedrock of how we function and lay the foundations for how well we perform as a group. Above all, these sub-groups are key to our success.

For 2017-18, rent will be charged at £277.33/month (£64/week) not including bills. This may change for 2018-19 but not massively. We buy food communally, with each member contributing £10/week, however you are also welcome to do your own thing. Our finances are managed collaboratively and in complete transparency among all tenants.

We decide on all applications in a democratic and transparent manner. We ask all applicants to visit the house at least once, so we can get to know you! You can join us at one of our regular 'Friday Night Dinners' serving at 8pm; regular weekday communal meals or you can arrange another time to visit by contacting us on the details above. If you are not currently living in or near Birmingham and/or would find it difficult to visit, please get in touch and we can try and arrange a skype meeting or similar. Applications are now on a rolling basis.

We look forward to receiving your application - good luck!

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