3rd Annual Girls Gone Nile
For the third time, ladies in Uganda are taking over the Nile! The weekend will be about female paddlers supporting each other on and off the river and is a good chance for women to learn from one another while enjoying all the Nile has to offer. The event is open to all skill levels. Non-kayaking ladies are welcome to come hang out but if you learned on the Nile you must have done at least 3 lessons with Kayak the Nile to paddle. Note, this is not an official lesson with professional instructors, this is more of a casual gathering for women to get together to share and build experience and push each other in a encouraging environment.

The only costs involved are if you need to rent kayaking equipment and we'll split the price of transport. You should bring your own lunch for both days and we will be doing dinner and breakfast potluck style.

We will meet at Kayak the Nile in Bujagali at 10AM drive to Jenny and Charlie's land at Superhole. We'll do a brief Superhole session then the intermediate/ advanced group paddle down to Nile Special. We'll be cooking out, camping, and living it up at the land.

We'll make a quick breakfast then head out to the river likely splitting into a beginner and more advanced groups to practice skills and surfing around Superhole. Likely leaving the land around 3pm.

Email shannon.orcutt@gmail.com or laurakschmucker@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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We can't wait to kayak with you ladies then! Feel free to email shannon.orcutt@gmail.com or laurakschmucker@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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