WoMakersCode: Start a New Group
Thank you for your interest in WoMakersCode!

Fill out this form is the first step to starting a new chapter and becoming a WoMakersCode volunteer leader.

We are currently accepting applications from technology-loving women who would like to gain leadership experience while volunteering to lead online or in-person experiences. Women from all technology-related areas are welcome, such as designers, UXers, developers, DBAs, architects and more - if you want to help build a world where women are equally represented as designers, technical leaders, executives, developers, founders, engineers and scientists, join us!

By 2020, leaders will focus on one (or more) of the following topics: backend, frontend, mobile, cloud, data science, UX, career, open source, AI, and products. To apply, fill out the form below. Candidates are continually selected as volunteer opportunities arise. We will respond to all opportunity applicants within 2 weeks of applying. We are happy to consider your application as a new leader for WoMakersCode.

Questions? Email us at contato@womakerscode.org
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