Youth Survey - 2021
We miss you so much! In order to keep everyone safe, Seacoast Outright is continuing with online programming until at least the summer. We know this is a hard time, which is why we’re reaching out to you—the LGBTQ Youth of the Seacoast (as well as a few other areas in NH, Maine, and Massachusetts)—to tell us what you need and how we can help. Feel free to think outside the box and suggest new ideas—we’d love to hear them! Thanks so much for your input. -- Seacoast Outright

This survey is to be completed by YOUTH ONLY. Thank you!
How are you doing right now?
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If you were an animal, which animal would you be?
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We really want to support you and meet your needs. Which of the following online options would you be interested in? (Or create your own at the bottom!)
Very interested - I'd probably attend
I might be interested, not sure
Not interested - I probably wouldn't attend
One time offering, such as an hour-long candle making workshop
One time offering, but not interactive, like a webinar on a topic
A panel discussion via Zoom on a particular topic
A group focused on a particular subject, but limited to 2-4 meetings, such as how to knit a scarf, or how to cook brisket, or how to produce a finished song on Garage Band
An ongoing group, but with a particular theme, such as a book group, political discussion group, or artists’ night
A chance to connect with peers to hang out and be social
A chance to talk in a group setting about how things are going (like the Friday group meetings)
A chance to talk alone with Seacoast Outright facilitators about how you’re doing and the challenges you’re facing
A connection to 1:1 counseling and/or other mental health support
Other - describe your ideal virtual/online Seacoast Outright session
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If you answered "other" above - please describe your ideal session.
When would you prefer to meet for these online options?
Preferred time
Not preferred but I could make it work
Can't make it at this time
Weekday afternoon (3-5pm)
Weekday evening (5-8pm)
Weekend morning (9am-12pm)
Weekend afternoon (12-5pm)
Weekend evening (5-8pm)
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Who would be your dream therapist?
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What, if anything, might prevent you from participating in a Seacoast Outright gathering? Is there anything we can do to help so that you can participate?
How would you describe the extent to which you are “out” to your community?
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What is your favorite snack?
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What is the most important thing we can do to help you right now?
Is there anything else you want us to know?
If you’d like someone to reach out to you to discuss your needs in more detail or just to chat, please include your email here.
Below are a few questions to help us get a sense for who is represented in our community. These are entirely optional.
What is your age?
How would you describe your sexual orientation?
How would you describe your gender identity?
What town do you live in?
Are you currently in recovery?
Clear selection
How would you describe your race/ethnicity? (We're aware that race is a social construct. That said, the Federal government requires us to ask this).
Do you identify strongly with any other group?
Thank you for your input. We really appreciate it!
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