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Resource Title
Examples of resources include writing center home pages, faculty/staff blogs, links to open-access articles, relevant long reads, and YouTube/Vimeo videos. Try to choose a descriptive title. Examples:   Whatever State U. Writing Center homepage; “Right Word,” a blog by the Writing Center staff at Whatever State U; "Title of an Open-Access Article"; "Title of YouTube Video"
Resource URL
Diigo is searchable by clickable keyword terms (tags). If the keyword term is more than one word, enclose it in quotation marks. There is no limit on the number of keyword terms, so you can include a variety of choices users might try when searching for a resource. For example, someone searching for articles on ESL students might also use the terms NNES EFL L2 “international student” “multilingual speaker” “non-native speaker” (and please note that there is no need to separate your keywords with commas). A mix of general terms (assessment, training, etc.) and specific terms (“tutor pay” “director’s rank” etc.) can be very helpful.
Please provide a brief description of the resource contents and the name of the author, group, or institution (when appropriate). If you are linking to a full-text or open-access article, please list the author name(s) and publication information.
If you'd like us to know anything else about your resource, please drop us a note here.
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