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The student will need to submit videos exhibiting drama abilities, awards, playbills, etc... as additional pieces of evidence.
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Rarely or Not Observed
Eager to perform in classroom plays or skits
Effectively uses voice, gestures, and facial expressions to communicate feelings while reading scripts or performing
Commands and hold the attention of a group when speaking
Able to evoke emotional responses from the audience by making them laugh, frown, feel tense, etc...
Is able to mimic the way people speak, gesture
Shifts readily into the role of another character
Has imagination with a strong sense of fantasy
Uses voice to reflect changes in mood
Demonstrates interest in dramatic activities
Seems to pick up skills in drama without instruction
Sees different ways to portray a character when reading a script
Has a sense of humor and sees humor in situations others do not see
Notices the small details in a play
Has the ability to create original plays, skits, etc...
Has the ability to transform his/her personality into a role of another character, animal, or object
Has natural talent to quickly assume a role
Does this child have any special considerations that may mask his/her GT abilities? (Check all that apply)
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