Spring 2020 GradGov Funding Request Form
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Budget request timeline - Should be received at least 3 days prior to GradGov meetings (1st and 3rd Fridays of the month).

Budgeting Guidelines.

GradGov recommends budgeting no more than $13 per person for food. (In your budget please include an estimate of attendees and the per person cost of food.)

Delivery expenses should be under $50, plus 30% of delivery fee for gratuity.

Gifts for speakers should not be above $50.

To order Domino’s, use Page 62 of the Blueprint document or follow the link below:

What should we do if groups go above the allotted $1000?

Groups that have been allotted at least $1000 will have additional requests be subject to some additional scrutiny, as our budget typically on average, allots only $1000 per club. If total requests for a club are greater than $1000 in a given year, the Gradgov executive board may ask that marquee events (conferences, lectures etc.) take precedence over smaller, social events (happy hours etc.). Once budget allotment has exceeded $1000, GradGov may request a smaller allotment, or only dispense partial funding of requested sums for smaller events. If a group is considering multiple events, we recommend prioritizing their more expensive marquee events before requesting for smaller social events.

For any questions, e-mail am3979@georgetown.edu
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