Brexit - where should we be going?
Earlier in the year, I consulted residents of Bristol West ahead of the parliamentary vote whether to trigger the formal process of withdrawing from the European Union.

Since then, we have had a General Election, and the government has started to outline its vision of our future relationship with the EU.

I am keen to keep consulting you to find out what kind of relationship Bristol West residents want with the European Union; find out what aspects of our current membership you value most, and what aspects of our relationship with Europe you would want to change.

Please do complete the survey below and - if you live in Bristol West - please get in touch if there are any issues you would like to bring to my attention regarding Britain's future relationship with the European Union (

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Which of the following models for a future relationship with Europe would you most prefer?
What aspects of our relationship with Europe would you want to keep and what you would like to change?
The different options for our relationship for Europe affects a number of different aspects of our current rights, responsibilities and benefits that follow from our current membership of the European Union. I am really interested to hear your views as to what you value from our current relationship, and what you would want to change. You may want to think about things like free movement (the ability to travel, work, retire and study in EU countries without a visa); arrangements for trading within the EU without tariffs or barriers (by agreeing to stick to the same standards across the EU); being part of the largest trading bloc in the world (which means we negotiate trade agreements as a group of 27 rather than on our own). Some of you have told me you have views on European legislation which (e.g.) places responsibilities on governments to meet certain environmental standards, maintain legal protections for workers, and hold governments, businesses, and individuals to account. Please tell me below which aspects of our EU membership you value, and want me to fight to protect; and which aspects you would want to change in whatever future relationship with Europe we might end up with.
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Please let me know if you have any specific circumstances (e.g. family circumstances, business/employment in a particular sector) that you would like me to bear in mind as I campaign on our future relationship with Europe
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