Report on Exoplanet Observations
Use this form to report your exoplanet transit observations to Unistellar & the SETI Institute for analysis.
Please submit one form per observation.
Email questions to or message @Paul Dalba [Lead Exoplanet Astronomer]  on the Unistellar Citizen Science Slack.
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Please enter your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME *
Please try to be consistent across all submissions. Separate observers with commas if listing more than one.
What is the SERIAL NUMBER of your telescope? *
The serial number is a string of exactly six (6) letters or numbers located near the telescope's charging socket. If there is a ":" or "/", only include the six digits TO THE RIGHT OF the ":" or "/". (You can also find the serial number in the Unistellar App's "Settings" > "My eVscope" menu.)
Which TARGET did you observe?   *
Please match the name format from the website or prediction service, e.g., TOI 1811.01, UE2, HD 189733b.
Local Date your Observation STARTED (including sensor calibration / dark frames) *
Local Time of your observation's FIRST image (including sensor calibration / dark frames) *
Local Time of your observation's LAST image (including sensor calibration / dark frames) *
Observation LOCATION (City, State/Province, Country) *
Did you calibrate the sensor / record DARK FRAMES? (in Transit mode)
Do not include sensor calibration or dark frames taken from the app's "User" menu.
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If you did a sensor calibration (i.e., recorded dark frames), list the approximate local times that you started these calibrations.
Separate with commas if more than one.
Your AAVSO Observer Code
This is optional for submitting your observation but required if you would like to submit your light curve results to the AAVSO Exoplanet Database. To register for a free account and/or find your code, visit
COMMENTS on Weather/Technical issues & other questions
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