2015 Wrangler Horse and Pony Fair Class Selection
Members participating in walk/trot classes are not able to participate in classes with a canter. The only exception is trail and gaming.

You must complete this online form or a paper copy for each horse you plan to show.

Members are only allowed one entry per class.

Each member must participate in a halter or showmanship class.

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Exhibitor's Grade as of January 1, 2015 *
Junior Exhibitor (3rd-7th Grade). Senior Exhibitor (8th-12th Grade) Just enter as a number please
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Halter Classes
Showmanship at Halter
First year members may choose 2 showmanship classes.
Pleasure Classes
Horsemanship Under Saddle
English Pleasure
English Equitation
Western Riding
Western Riding class requires a minimum of 4 flying lead changes.
Mini Horse Class
Junior Member Gaming
Senior Member Gaming
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