Garforth Business Survey
Name of Business *
Garforth Post Code of Business *
What does your business do?
How many years have you been trading in Garforth?
How many employees in Garforth?
Do you anticipate employing more people?
What percentage of your staff here live locally ie Garforth and surrounding villages?
Do local workers have the skills your business requires?
Can you grow your business in Garforth?
Over the next 10 years do you think these premises will meet your needs?
Is Garforth a good place to have a business? And if yes, Why?
Where does the demand for your business come from? *
The Existing Business Areas
We would like your views on the existing business areas around Garforth
Rate each of the following factors 1 to 5 (where 1= poor and 5 = excellent)
Availability of premises
Size of premises
Quality of premises
Location of premises
Location of Garforth
Availability and location of building land
Affordability of premises (renting/purchasing)
Available workforce
Local parking
Customer accessibility
Available local training facilities
Quality of road network
quality of rail network
Access to fast broadband
Planning constraints
Clear selection
How does Garforth rate as a place to do business on scale 1 to 5 where 1 = poor and 5 = excellent
Clear selection
How important are the following to your business ( where 1 = unimportant and 5 = vital
Local residents
Road network
Fast broadband
Number and mix of other businesses
Public transport
Clear selection
Is there any other vital factor?
What is your impression of the appearance and functionality of your business district?
How good is the maintenance of buildings and roadways around your business?
Development of the Business Zones in Garforth
We would like to gather your views on how the business areas should be developed going forward.
Are you planning to expand your business in the near future?
Clear selection
What will help your business to develop and thrive locally over the next 10 years?
What factors would constrain the growth of your business over the next 10 years?
Would your business benefit from a nearby work hub facility which provides hot desks, high speed broadband, office services and contact with others with a similar work style?
What do you think could be done in Garforth to improve business opportunities and trading?
What are the biggest problems with starting/growing a business in this area?
Should the core business areas be expanded? Please explain where and why
What would encourage more businesses to move to Garforth?
Should Garforth aim to be a leading centre for a particular industry?
If Yes, what industry and why?
How much of a barrier to your future success in this area are the following ( where 1= no barrier and 5 equals major issue?
Available workforce
Available training facilities
Available retail space
Available workshops
Available land
Cost of property/rent/taxes
Quality of road network
Access to fast broadband
Planning constraints
Quality of rail network
Accessibilty to your premises
Clear selection
Are there any other major issues?
Do you have any other comments about Garforth as a business centre?
Do you employ school leavers?
Do you offer apprenticeships?
Do you have any links with Garforth Academy?
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