Free Art Project
Everyone should have access to art! So this project is in an effort to provide myself some inspiration and in return be able to provide artwork to grateful recipients. All requests will be considered and based on my availability, I will try to complete as many as possible. Please remember this is a free service. However, if you would like to help fund the project, donations will be accepted. You are welcome to donate at any time but they are not expected or required. Any donations will go to help purchase more supplies for this project.
Subject/Request *
Media is at my discretion but could be any of the following items. You are welcome to make a request in the notes but it can't be guaranteed.

Art could be any of the following:
- Canvas, Digital, Wood, Paper, Jewelry
Mixed Media could be any of the following:
- Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil, Pastel, Ink, Pyrography (wood burning), Medal Stamping
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