Sponsor Request Form
What do you mean by "Sponsor"?

A sponsor is someone who grants me free use of their paid content or service in exchange for promoting them on my home page. The term can be discussed once we both agree that we would like to start a sponsorship agreement with each other.

What terms do you generally offer or ask for?

Generally I prefer lifetime sponsors over yearly. I tend to go further for my lifetimes by doing my best to show them my appreciation for their kindness & dedication by adding links back in things like my Steam Profile, YouTube, and other 3rd party profiles & links as well as adding links back from any new freeware I make or create.

Do you support anything that is illegal, discriminating, harmful, or copyrighted?

No, I do not host, link, share, or affiliate myself with any of the above nor do I tolerate any such content when I offer membership based links or services like forums, chats, etc. I try to make my site as friendly as possible for everyone without making anyone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.

Who are your current Sponsors?

EditPlus.com - Lifetime App Sponsor
D3DGear.com - Lifetime App Sponsor
IOBit - Lifetime App Sponsor

Do you run affiliate or paid links?

No I am a disabled non profit webmaster & I do not run any kind of paid links or services on any part of my site. For many years I never allowed or accepted donation requests either but I have recently added a wish list link to amazon for anyone who feels the desire to contribute or gift something. I get that there are others out there that like to do things for other people as I myself am one of them. I like providing free content the way I would like to receive it myself if I were to visit another site which is why I do not run ads, popups, or other 3rd party advertising which I myself find rather annoying.

What name & information should I use for your key or activation of my paid content or service if I should decide to become or wish to become one of your sponsors?

Name: Anthony W. Ford, Jr.
Email: AWFordJr@GMail.com
302 Maryville Towers
Maryville Tn, 37801

Take care,
Tony Ford

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