Ripple mapping/tournament staff application
We are looking for up to 6 experienced players, ideally with mapping knowledge (osu!standard), to occupy staff roles in upcoming events.
If you would like to become staff for these events, you cannot participate in them.
Your staff activity is expected to be needed between July 6th up until, July 12th (first event), as well as from August 1st up until November 1st (second event, 1-Week activity needed every month).
After receiving your application, we can discuss in which event you want to participate.
There is no limit, you can decide on both.
The current plan is to have 2 of the 6 "chosen ones" to be allocated to the first event, while the rest will join the second event.
Applications are open until July 1st, good luck.

For any doubts or questions, you can reach out to us:
- Via email at
- On discord, Lithium#1075
- On our public Discord server
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